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If you want to run a business from home, you probably don't want to give out your private home number or your private mobile number. There is a neat trick to get around this and to make you appear to be a fully professional company at the same time, despite operating out of your spare bedroom!

That trick is to use a virtual number, either local or non-geographic. These are pointed at your existing landline or mobile phone, so that you still receive the calls on your existing telephone, but the person calling you phones on a different number - either an 0800, 0844, 0845 or local number.

So, if you choose to run a business from home with a geographical based number , such as a London number, it might be because you still want to appear to be based locally to appear to local customers, but just don't want it to be your home number given out. If you choose to use non-geographic instead, it makes you appear to be a national company, and very few people will suspect if they dial an 0800 number that you are actually working from home!

Is it really possible to make money from an online business that you run from home? The answer is yes, many people are managing to earn a generous income from the comfort of their own home, both on a part time and on a full time basis. The amount of money you make from it is entirely up to you and depends on how much time you want to put into it. But the fact is that you can become a great success through an online business run from home.


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